D-Link DGS-108/E 8-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Metal Housing Desktop Switch

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PODĽA VÝROBCU: D-Link / Switche / Nemanažovateľné / 10/100/1000Mbps
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•Plug and Play operation 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports Non-blocking architecture: simultaneous full speed on all ports Fanless, silent operation to fit in any environment Quality of Service (QoS) queues for traffic prioritisation Solidly built with m


Názov Hodnota
Počet portov (switche):  8-10
PoE 802.3af (switche):  Ne
Rýchlosť prenosu (switche):  10/100/1000
SFP (switche):  Ne
Správa (switche):  Nemanagovatelný
Výrobca (switche):  D-link

Podrobnosti o produkte

D-Link 8-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Metal

Popis produktu:

•Plug and Play operation
8 Gigabit Ethernet ports
Non-blocking architecture: simultaneous full speed on all ports
Fanless, silent operation to fit in any environment
Quality of Service (QoS) queues for traffic prioritisation
Solidly built with metal housing
Cable diagnostics function to detect faulty network cables
D-Link Green™ technology, saves energy and increases the product’s lifespan

D-Link’s DGS-108 Gigabit Ethernet switch provides a cost-effective way for SOHO and SMB to create a small network and connect computers, wireless Access Points, IP cameras, network printers and other Ethernet devices quickly and easily without complicated configurations. This switch comes with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports with an auto-sensing function to detect the maximum speed of the connected devices, allowing you to run your network with the best possible performance. Its fanless design makes the DGS-108 completely silent, ideal for offices, libraries or meeting rooms.

Robust design

The DGS-108 is designed with durability and performance in mind. The sturdy metal housing will protect the switch against accidental harm, while helping to dissipate heat and to reduce stress on internal components. The visible LEDs allow for an easy reading of each port status and speed, helping to troubleshoot connectivity problems. For a convenient placement, the DGS-108 comes with a wall mounting kit and a slot for a Kensington security lock to protect it from theft.

QoS (Quality of Service)

Despite being an unmanaged, Plug and Play switch, the DGS-108 is able to classify network traffic by assessing the 802.1p field in the Ethernet frames, and forward them out of its ports depending on their priority. This allows for a smooth integration of video, voice and data traffic without delays or loss of quality.

Cable diagnostics function

The cable diagnostics function enables users to quickly troubleshoot faulty network cables that may lead to transmission errors. At startup, the switch performs a micro-test to assess the quality of the cables connected to its ports. If a fault is detected, the ambar LED will lit up. If the cables pass the test, the green LED will be illuminated, indicating that the network is error-free. This feature can save valuable time when trying to single out a faulty cable that causes problems in the whole network.

Power-saving technology

The DGS-108 is part of D-Link Green™, D-Link’s eco-friendly technology, providing energy savings, reduced power consumption, and a longer product lifespan without sacrificing operational performance or functionality. This switch implements the 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard, which can save a substantial amount of energy by detecting the port status, putting them in low-power, stand-by mode when no network traffic is detected. Additionally, the Green Ethernet™ technology in the DGS-108 can detect the length of the network cables connected to its ports and provide only the right amount of energy required. This helps businesses to save money by reducing their electricity bills with no compromise on performance.

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